Siose Bridge


Isfahan is the jewel of ancient Persia, the climax of art and architecture of 17th century Persia, and the greatest physical legacy of Shah Abbas, a capital which he transformed into one of the most splendid monumental cities in the Islamic world.



Fars Province, better known in the West as Persia, is the state that was once the homeland of the glorious Persian civilization, making it one of the richest parts of the wider region for unparalleled cultural heritage.

Saat Tower


Tabriz was the capital of Iran in the first half of the 16th century with rich cultural and political background extremely influential in the country’s recent history, a pioneer in modern developments, and renowned for its parks, gardens and handicrafts, particularly for its worldwide famous rugs.

Azadi Tower


Tehran is a modern capital and metropolis with some outstanding museums, palaces, and modern hotels and restaurants.

Jami‘ Mosque


Yazd’s Historical Structure (Prospective World Heritage Site) a vast collection of public-religious monuments comprising different Islamic architectural elements of different periods in a harmonious combination with climatic conditions.

Imam Reza Shrine


Mashhad is an important place of pilgrimage for Shia Moslems from all over the world, and historically a major center of population of what was once Iran’s most influential province under the entity of the Greater Khorasan, the cradle of the Persian language and civilization and the homeland of many great Iranian poets, writers and scholars.


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