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About Nakhoda

About Rayan Tours Group ( Nakhoday-e-Safar Travel Agency)


Rayan Tour (Nakhoda Travel Agency) has been operating inbound and outbound field +  individul & group Tours for more than 15 years  .

During the last  years, Nakhoda Safar  has been active in attracting global tourists to Iran via close cooperation with famous international agencies all over the world .

Our agency is one of the most reliable and customer-oriented agencies around Iran .

foreign travelers have had sweet memories excursion of Tehran, Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Kerman, Tabriz, kerman-shah , Hamedan , Kish Iland , Beaches of North & South Iran.


About Rayan Tour


the services which have been provided by Rayan Tour :


  • Planning and operating tours to Iran and familiarizing international tourists with cultural, historical , artistic , handy craft,pottery,ceramic and adventure attractions of Iran.
  • operating  tours  with best  Rate & Quality
  • Applying IRAN visa
  • Rental car
  • Reserving hotels every corner in Iran
  • Issuing tickets (  Local &   international airlines )
  • we provide integrated solutions for all the necessary Individual & MICE arrangements in Iran .


About Rayan Tour


Mr . H . Karimi the general manager of Rayan tour , is one of the most experienced , knowledgeable and ceative managers in the field of tourism.


Department of operating and marketing teams in rayan / Nakhoda are young experts in the field of tourism who they are reliabe and responsible .


We always try to give the customers best services till now .

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Mr Hamid Karimi

General Manager of Nakhodasafar Company


About Rayan Tour