Isfahan is a large city , it is located on the main north-south and east-west routes crossing Iran , and Isfahan is one of the largest cities in the world.

It is known that its origins go back  more than 1,500 years.It flourished from 1050 to 1722 , particularly in the 16th century under the Safavid dynasty, when it became the capital of Persia for the second time in its history

Isfahan may be well known for its beautiful historic Islamic architecture . but its talented people continue to produce many more works of art from its world famous Persian rugs handcrafts and other unique products.

Many visitors believes Isfahan is the most beautiful city in Iran and one of the most beautiful in the world .

It features numerous tree-lined boulevards and flower gardens , miles of beautiful parks along the Zayandeh Roos River , 1300 year-old covered bazzars , bridges , palaces , mosques , and minarets.

Isfahan is famous as named half of the world (nesf-e-jahan) , The city of so many attractions for tourists from all  around the world every year.

There are alots of favorite places in Isfahan  , please  decide  now where do you like to see .

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