Isfahan tour

  • Tour code: 2019-E
  • Tour duration: 03 Nights
  • Meals: 3 Breakfast & Lunch
  • Transportation : luxury VAN & VIP BUS

Isfahan tour 3days

Isfahan tour

{ Stay In Isfahan : Three Nights }


Ishan tour

Stay In Isfahan : 3 nights

day 1 :

pick up at 9 a.m (transfer to Isfahan via vip minibus – arrival at 14:00 at Abbasi hotel 5* )
2 hours rest + lunch
Visiting Zayanderood River and Isfahan famous ancient bridges (Si-o- se pol and Khadju), Monarjonban
Drop off at hotel

day 2 :

pick up at 9
Visit the Palace of Chehel Sotun, Naghsh-e-Jahan Square (Imam and Lotfollah mosque, Ali Qapou Palace)
Visit Masjed-e Jame
Drop off at hotel

 day 3 :

pick up at 9
Ali Gholi Complex, Pigeon Towers, Hasht-Behesht Palace, Vank Cathedral
Visit Joubi bridge
Drop off at hotel




Isfahan tour
Isfahan tour


Isfahan Is The City of Four Seasons :

Among the cities of Iran, Isfahan is like a piece of jewelry in the area has still retained its luster and glory throughout the centuries. The city’s rich culture and beautiful nature  are attracktive for tourists .

Isfahan located in central region of Iran is the number-one tourist destination that is located inside the plains stretching along Zayandeh Rood River.

There exists a variety of climatic conditions in this city thanks to regions with different altitudes.

Isfahan is a city with regular seasonal changes. Spring begins in late March with the trees in full bloom, summer in late June.

The city greets fall color in late September with the leaves falling off the trees and winter starts in late December.


Isfahan tour
Isfahan tour


Weather of Isfahan

Among all the seasons and months, Isfahan is in its perfect splendor in May , Passengrs of Nakhoda can enjoy of it .

Summer months extending from June to August are hot and dry and winter months beginning from December and lasting to February .


Isfahan tour
Isfahan tour


Do You Know When Best Time Is For Visiting ?

The most pleasant times to visit Isfahan are spring from March to May and autumns from September to November when the weather is warm, pleasant and ideal for sightseeing and outdoor activities.


DO You Know Isfahan Is A Museum Where People Live ?

With its old history , Isfahan is an exemplary city in the world , According to the French author, Andre Malraux, only Florence and Peking are comparable to Isfahan .

Isfahan is a place for savouring the high refinements of Persian culture and getting lost in its old bazaar .

Among the historical attractions of Isfahan various types of domes, tile works, plaster works, frescos wall paintings and calligraphies can be named. These works reveal the religious beliefs of their creators and fascinate the visitors so greatly .

Isfahan is called the city of Iranian handicraft and traditional arts. These works of art comprise a major portion of Iran’s exports, particularly to Europe.

Carpet weaving, engraving, miniature painting, Moarragh, tile art, brocade, calico work and enamelwork are among the most prominent works of art in Isfahan.

Isfahan also has an age-old musical tradition. The people in Isfahan speak Persian with an Isfahani accent .


Isfahan tour
Isfahan tour


Buffets & Traditional Restaurants

in the most Traditional Restaurants is served Salad & Chelo Kebab


Some of the usual types of salad you’ll find at an Iranian buffet include fresh cucumber, tomato and white cheese salad, olives, pickles, pasta salad, corn, yoghurt .


Chelo Kebab

If you see the meat in the buffet too you’ll want to be avoiding it as all the good places cook their meat (and sometimes rice) to order.

Chelo kebab consists of steamed rice (chelo) and kebab (skewered meat that’s been grilled over hot charcoal), with grilled tomatoes (and sometimes grilled peppers) and buttery rice.


There are several types of kebabs which are commonly served these include:

  • Kabab Chenjeh (lamb chop)
  • Kabab Barg (lamb, chicken or beef fillet)
  • Mahi Kabab (white fish)
  • Kabab Koobideh or Kubideh (minced lamb, beef, or chicken, often mixed with parsley and chopped onions.)
  • Joojeh Kabab (chicken marinated in minced onion, lemon juice and saffron)
  • Persian rice is famous around the world and.
  • Common rice dishes served with Chelow Kebab include:
  • Chelo (white rice topped with a bit of saffron rice and barberries. Similar to pilaf)
    Adass Polo (white rice cooked simultaneously with lima beans, dill and garlic)


Isfahan tour
Isfahan tour


 Places To Be Visited in Isfahan ( Isfahan Tour ):

Imam Square ( UNESCO site ) + Masjid-e Emam
Ali Qapu Palace & Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque
Chehel Sotun Palace ( UNESCO site)
Vank Cathedral Museum
Zayandeh River Bridges ( Si-o-seh @ Khaju Bridges )





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